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Jeff M. / Oakdale CA

Published on Yelp 5.0 star rating on 8/18/2018

A few years ago I decided to buy a couple of single family homes in the Tempe neighborhood where I grew up, with a view toward my eventual retirement, and some passive income. Steffy internalized my unique set of requirements and helped me purchase two properties that I am very happy with. Steffy brings a formidable set of skills to the table. First, she has thoroughly researched and deeply understands the various market, demographic, infrastructure and amenity characteristics of the Phoenix metro, especially Tempe, as I can attest having grown up there. This gives Steffy a leg up on selecting the right property at the outset. Second, Steffy is highly skilled at navigating the various stages of negotiations, disclosures, inspections, appraisals, etc. all while providing useful feedback to her client to help manage emotions and expectations. For example, one of the homes Steffy ended up closing for me was one that I originally found through a different agent. That agent had been so slow to respond and put together the offer sheet that by the time I was able to tender the offer, the home was already under contract with someone else. When I switched to Steffy (on the recommendation of a family friend), Steffy encouraged me to keep an eye on that property, while looking for others, as transactions often fall through, for one reason or another. Sure enough, the home went back on the market a few weeks later. Steffy noticed before I did--I was on travel, and alerted me to its availability. She was able to get the paperwork done quickly enough that I got the home under contract, and she eventually closed the deal at what I consider a very fair price. She also was able to promptly rent that property to a very nice young professional couple who have been excellent renters. She then found me a second property that matched my requirements, negotiated another fair price, and closed and rented that one for me as well, all within a time window of few months. But Steffy's value to me is not just in the deals she closed, but also the inferior investments she gently steered me away from, having viewed several other properties for me, for which she provided astute assessments of the value propositions. In summary I am very happy with the homes I got, and perhaps even more happy with the homes I did not! Did I mention that I was able to do all of this living out of state? Steffy managed everything such that I only had to fly in a few times, with nearly everything done remotely; viewings, inspections, appraisals, repairs, negotiations with the sellers, etc. all organized by Steffy in timely fashion, with zero missed documents or elapsed deadlines. I have made several other real estate transactions over the years in different states, and none have gone as smoothly and been as pleasant as those two transactions with Steffy. She is absolutely the best real estate agent I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and I can not recommend her highly enough.

Harindra F., Notre Dame, IN

Published on Yelp 5.0 star rating on 8/18/2018

Excellent service, timely, reliable and engaged.
We would hire again for help with real estate lease documentation in a split second. I am sure she will be great in purchases too.

Bhoomi D. from Tempe AZ

Published on Yelp 5.0 star rating on 8/17/2018

Steffy is an amazing person. She showed me this beautiful townhouse in Tempe and it's perfect. Very approachable and kind. Kudos to her work ethics and friendliness. Thanks Steffy!

Guillermo U.

Published on Yelp 5.0 star rating on 1/15/2017

My name is Guillermo Ulloa and I moved from the Bay Area, CA approximately 3 years ago. My Bay Area's Realtor Mark Shaw referred Steffy Hristova for my Real Estate needs. I contacted Mrs. Hristova and she connected me with a lender for a mortgage loan approval. Mrs. Steffy Hristova took her time to learn my wife's and my own likes and dislikes in reference of the house we were wishing to acquire. She showed us a few properties and finally we decided to look into a brand new house to buy; she contacted some builders with an excellent reputation and we found the house of our dream. With Steffy's assistance, the process of buying the house was an experience any house buyer would love to have. I definitely recommend Mrs. Steffy Hristova as the best Realtor in the entire Phoenix Area.

Gerald L., Tempe, AZ

Published on Yelp 5.0 star rating on 8/24/2015

"I have worked with Steffy on more than 14 transactions (purchases and leases) in the course of the last 7 years. She is an honest, considerate and supportive person, capable to see and understand things from another person's perspective. She understands the economics of a projects, she knows Tempe's multi-family and single family market, and the nuances of what it makes a purchase to be a profitable investment. She has great range of skills, from understanding the big picture to meticulous management of all transaction details. I am happy to recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with multi-family or single family portfolio

Buyers Sarah and David Malzewski

Published on on 06/27/2015

Steffy helped us find the home with the floor plan we had wanted for years.
We found out the home was a short sale which I knew very little about. She was very patient in explaining it and very upfront and honest about how the process could go. It was an extremely long and drawn out process (7 months) with the uncertainty if we would even end up with the house. There were issues that came up she was even uncertain about but she went out of her way to find the answers and navigate the complexity of the sale.
I would highly recommend Steffy if you're looking for an agent who will do whatever it takes to find the right home for you.

Commercial Property Buyer Derek Pasieka

I have been working with Steffy for almost 10 years now.
She helped me acquire my first commercial development project after grad school.
Mrs. Hristova takes her job as your agent seriously with your best interests always in mind not her purse.
She does thorough research and goes well beyond agent expectations.
Published on, 6/13/2014

Buyer Ryan Wright

Steffy was very attentive in finding the right house I was looking for. She setup search criteria that would automatically notify me when there was a match. She helped me with the various steps of buying a house. She even recommended a lender which I was very satisfied with as well. She was very responsive in that she kept me up to date with everything that need to get done. Fortunately, my transaction went smoothly, however, Steffy would advise me on what to do if the need to negotiate was required. Steffy along with the lender accompanied during closing. My overall experience with Steffy was excellent!

Published on on 12/11/2014

Seller Kevin K.

Steffy was very knowledgeable and helpful in selling our condo. I really appreciated her professionalism and responsiveness. She always got back to me when I sent her emails or phone messages, usually within minutes. She kept us involved and informed on every step of the process. I really enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her as a realtor.
Published on - 08/16/2014.

Buyer Renee and Stephen Folmar

When we choose to buy a house using our VA benefits, we choose to work with Steffy because she understood the process and was very patient with us. This was our first experience buying a home, but Steffy made the journey stress-free all the way! When we started looking for homes, we were all over the map- literally! From North Phoenix to Tempe, Steffy found homes for us that meet our criteria and was more than willing to drive us all over the valley for showings. As we debated which area to settle on, we had some specific needs for the home we would eventually buy, and we were set on a price-point we were not willing to negotiate. Steffy never pressured us to go over our chosen price-point, and always had plenty of listings to show us that met our family's needs. We have a busy schedule, and Steffy worked around that, and was even available for short notice appointments. She returned calls promptly, and carefully answered all our questions. We found Steffy to be a friendly and knowledgeable agent and we had confidence in her throughout the entire process. This personalized care is why the home buying process was actually enjoyable for us. In the end our family got a house that exceeded our expectations and fit our price point. We are very happy and would ( and will) recommend Steffy to anyone buying a home.
Published on - 01/16/2014

Buyer Joanna and Steve Ettinger

My husband and I weren't exactly sure at first what we were looking for but Steffy managed to narrow down our likes and dislikes fairly quickly and had houses for us to look at almost every day . She was always available and happy to answer questions and to educate us about the home buying process . She cared about what was going to be the right fit for our family and it showed. We found the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood and we are extremely happy. We recommend Steffy Hristova to anyone looking to buy a house. - Joanna and Steve Ettinger
Published on - 02/07/2012

Seller Enza G.

Steffy was knowledgeable and respectful of our needs. It was truly amazing and surprising how quickly our home sold.
Published on on 07/16/2013

Buyer Anthropica

Steffy was great; she gets the job done and is very straight forward. I was very fortunate to of found her to help me with my real estate purchase; I highly recommend her to any one looking to buy their home in the Phoenix area.
6/27/2013 published on

Seller Charlie Birkemo

Steffy was recommended by a local realtor, and worked out great. Very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. I would highly recommend her, either buying or selling.

6/19/2013 published on

Buyer J.W. Nicklaus

For most of us buying a house is the largest purchase we will ever make so it's imperative to have a true buyer's advocate on your side when the moment arrives.

Steffy knew I wasn't going to bring a pot of gold to the proceedings, she knew I was a minnow in an ocean of potential clients--not only did she work with me she helped me to avoid pitfalls along the way and made sure I remained engaged and aware of market conditions as I searched. Frankly, she never gave up on me even when I had on myself.

Steffy is a genuine professional. Where other realtors had let me down Steffy took the time to understand my concerns and respected my fiscal boundaries. If you want to find yourself a realtor then you've got a lot of choices--but if you want a true buyer's advocate and someone who will not only work for but with you, then do yourself a favor and give Steffy Hristova a call.

J.W. Nicklaus
5/8/2013 published on

Buyer Brad and Carmen Stansbury

We were trying to purchase our first home but didn't have the work history or proper credit to qualify for conventional financing. Therefore, with a little money saved for a cash deal, we were looking for low-priced real estate properties in Mesa Arizona.

Steffy directed us towards Foreclosures, R.E.O.'s, and Short Sales.

After a couple failed attempts to be the winning bidders on real estate owned properties (Steffy realized that Canadian investors were WAY over bidding the sellers asking prices), we decided to try a short sale.

Knowing that it might take us six (6) months or so to close on a short sale and that their were no guarantees of it ever going through we decided to take the leap anyway.

Not 6 months but rather 2 months later we we're the proud owners of our first home and were lovin' it.

Thanks, Steffy - For your Professionalism, Patience & Promptness. - Brad & Carmen
Published on - 02/01/2012

The Margary Family

My Fianace and I were referred to Steffy and I can tell you of many years of dealing with Realtors, she blew my mind.

She was most importantly a good listener - It was important to us to find a Home that would suit our family needs being that we have a 7year old and (at the time) 2 month old.

We were specific to ur needs and she didnt waste our time trying to get us into what she thought was suitable. None the less she was exremly professional as my Fiance and I would have our debates over what we liked and didnt like.

I am so ever grateful as we were late in the game to find a home and wanted to move quickly as this was prior to Thanksgiving and I just had to be settled in a home before then to allow me to have my traditional Thanksgiving with Family and friends.

Steffy spent nearly the entire day with us while we looked at house after house. I would recommend her to any Family our Friend who was in need of realtor services.

Thank you Steffy for just being an amazing person and patient.

Love the Margary Family

Derek Pasieka

Steffy was a pleasure to work with and took the extra time to research all the details about all my perspective properties of interest. After a exhausting search, Steffy helped me acquire an apartment complex in down town phoenix, which I later converted to an award- winning mixed use building. Thanks for your professionalism.


We recently used Steffy's services to help secure a rental home. Going into the rental process we were a little nervous as we are going through foreclosure and didn't know how difficult that would make renting. We also had a specific list of needs/wants in a rental.

Steffy was able to help us find a space that met our list of needs, in the location we had targeted. We were looking for a townhouse or patio home and she had a great knowledge of the communities in the area.

I was most impressed with her responsiveness. I had several questions during the process and she always responded very quickly. She was very flexible when setting up times to take us to view properties and made the process smooth and easy. Everything came together more quickly than we had expected.

If I have the need for a realtor again, Steffy will be top of my list. I couldn't have been happier with her service.

Linda D.

Steffy made the purchase of our property very easy for us. She was constantly in touch with us on new properties with all the details we requested. Would definitely recommend her. She is delightful to work with also.


Steffy posted the listing promptly and a descriptive way that represented the property well. It produce the results wanted in a timely way. Thank You, Steffy

Eric Caruth

This agent was a joy to work with we told her what we were looking for and she found it on the first try .... Very impressed

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