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What Homeowners Need to Know About Selling

Selling a home is a big undertaking and it can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life, but choosing the right real estate agent and being prepared is one of the best ways to alleviate that stress.
Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners may not realize they need to put their house on the market until the last minute. Perhaps it's a job change, family change, job loss, medical bills, or other emergencies that cause the person to need to move quickly and list the property. In the industry, we call these homeowners motivated sellers but it doesn't mean that they necessarily need to give away the home either. I am extremely discreet with my clients and understand there are many reasons people sell their homes. Perhaps you are moving to a larger home or downsizing, need to move due to a job change or family change and you're not necessarily in a hurry but you don't want to some on the market for any longer than you have to either. All of these factors come into play when staging and pricing your home.
Another key point to remember is that a listing agent needs to also understand the buyers in the area. As a real estate agent that helps both buyers and sellers, I understand who's buying, where they're buying, and what they're buying at what price. This can help price your home correctly or in a strategic manner to get the most for your home and potentially over asking price. Every little factor matters so what can you do to make your home sell quicker?

Let's break this down in time frames:

If you have a week to get ready and sell.

For whatever reason you have less than a week to get your property ready and sell. At this point, the most important thing you can do is get it cleaned. Either have a professional cleaner come in and spend several hours cleaning the home from top to bottom or take a few days off and clean and Declutter the house as much is you can. I understand that you probably can't replace or fix everything wrong with the home but you can at least Declutter, pack up as much is possible, and move things to the garage or storage pod while the house is on the market.

If you have a few weeks to get ready and sell.

While you still might not have enough time to repair or replace everything, you can definitely clean everything from top to bottom, have carpets professionally cleaned, consider having a professional grout or floor cleaner, have the windows cleaned, and if you have time, repaint the trim or replace the front door. These are small little touches that will really get noticed. As with every listed home, Declutter as much is you can. Take absolutely everything out of the room except for a few key pieces of furniture and a couple of pieces of neutral art on the wall. Pack everything up since you'll need to pack it up anyway.

If you have at least a month or more to get ready and sell.

Consider having a pre-home inspection. This is where a professional home inspector will come out and check out the entire property making notes as to what may need to be replaced or areas of concern. But taking care of all of these things ahead of time you will not only gain more for the profit of your home but there won't be a lot of things to do on the buyer's home inspection. As before, clean and Declutter as much is possible.

How to price:

Pricing a home is very strategic. I pull comparable properties that have not only sold but are currently pending and actively listed to come up with a strategic pricing point that will appeal to today's buyers. What worked last month may not work today so it's important to price your home correctly as well is listed at the right time and the right day of the week.
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