One of the incredibly wonderful businesses I work in my every day business as a Realtor® is MacDaniel Signs and Installations. I think I hired them for the first time back in 2008 and have been using them for all my transactions, with little exceptions, over the years till now.

They have set up an operation that is working like a Swiss clock - precise, exact, elegant. In 2008 we created a customer online account from where we ordered the installation of the posts for signs in front of the homes or commercial properties for sale. This portal did not change for all those years, we felt comfortably familiar with everything - yet it contained everything we needed, presented in a simple and clear way. I can order at any time, within minutes, my signs and posts from the templates that were available, I can see the history of my orders from the very beginning of my being a customer with them. All the expectations were clearly written, for e.g. if I do so and so before 2 pm, this will happen on this day, if after 2pm, on the next day. 



Somehow, I never had to call for additional clarification, or let alone for a complaint. Everything went smoothly, as expected, professionally performed. The person who was installing the signs and posts was always the same, he knew me personally, too - I had attended a few of the post installations to make sure the sign was visible enough from both street. 

About a month ago, I received an email from my contact at Macdaniel Signs - and here is what it says:


Dear Valued Installation Customer,

After 58 years of signs service and 45 years of myself working in the family business I am retiring.

We will continue to do the installation service until April 30th 2020. If you store your signs with us please email the installation department at to make arrangements to pick them up.

Here is a list of other Post Installation companies in the valley:

·      Leading Lister 602-439-7086

·      Post A Sign 480-668-2927

·      Champs Post 602-996-1656

·      Discount Post 480-659-6552

·      Quik Post 623-435-3566

You can contact one of these post companies and make arrangements with them to pick up your signs, but please make sure to let us know they are picking up your signs.

It has been a pleasure working with and servicing you for all these years.

-- Debbie at MacDaniel Signs


When nothing goes wrong, we don't need to interact the customer service - Macdaniel Signs customer service was somehow embedded in their process, so that I don't have to call them. They knew and anticipated our needs, and proactively responded. From the email I learned that the people that I had been admiring quietly have been doing this work for 58 years, and after 45 years in the family business they were retiring. And Debbie, our primary contact, she still cared for us, her customers, she sent a list of substitute companies to contact, so that there is no interruption of our process. 

One thing, I always wondered, is how MacDaniel Signs never sent me ads, never had special promotions, no questionnaires about how they are doing, they did not even change prices very much for the last 12 years, yet they were always top of mind, and we never thought of anyone else when we needed signs and installations.

Now, I am sitting back, and thinking how they have designed the essential functions within their business to be available to their clients in an easy to understand and connect way all the time. 

I am so grateful to have worked with the Debbie, Jose and all the professionals from MacDaniel Signs.