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4/4/2020 4:30:18 PM

Med Cottages, or Granny Pods, what a great idea to have one of them in your back yard. Chris B Johnson, REALTOR®, SFR®, CDPE®, CHS®  Time To Buy A Home  Featured Listing   Mortgage Pre Approval In this day and age, it is getting more and more challenging to give our precious elderly the care and attention they need. For years they do their best to raise us, and make sure we don’t die of starvation or stupidity. In the end, don’t they deserve a little more consideration than occasional visits at a nursing home? Introducing Med Cottages, a/k/a “Granny Pods”. These detached living quarters were designed by Reverend Ken Dupin to provide closer care and monitoring of our elderly loved ones.They’re reminiscent of She Sheds, except they’re tailored for the elderly. Via Facebook | MEDCottageThese small homes are 12 by 24 feet, and can be craned onto your property! Via Facebook | MEDCottageWith a small kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom your loved has all the amenities of a traditional home. All of these are handicap accessorized and designed for maximum comfort. They offer padded floors, ensuring both comfort and safety. Webcams are also set up in case your loved one’s condition requires off site monitoring. Via Facebook | MEDCottageDon’t forget the vitals monitoring system, air purifier, and alert system. Add all of that to the beautiful design, and you’re left with one of the most fantastic setups you could ask for. Via Facebook | MEDCottageChris B Johnson, REALTOR® Could These Backyard “Granny Pods” Be The Evolution Of Senior Living?By Lighter Side Staff  |  Read More If that didn’t motivate you enough to start planning for the future, maybe this video will help. Via CBS NewsMedCottages currently offers three styles to choose from. They vary in style and price, but all three will give peace of mind knowing that your loved one has a safe space that’s close by. If you liked this one, you’ll enjoy this elderly couple’s story: Elderly Couple’s Yard Is Out Of Control. Now Watch How Their Neighbors React Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

3/25/2020 1:51:26 PM

This patio home in Tempe AZ 85281 is now for sale at $200,000 - 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, updated kitchen, balcony with views of Camelback Mountain. It is one of those locations which allow you to only minimally use your car, if you choose so. It is 10-minute walk close to down town Tempe, and maybe 15 min walk to ASU. It is on a 3-min walk to Scales Technology Academy - a school that is free to any child ages 0 to 18, as the sign says.  We are only showing it now with the 3-D Tour, which I am attaching here. Please click on the image to come in, then, by clicking on the circles you are ready to move onto the next location - we hope the tour will give you a good idea of the interior. Please let me know how easy it was to walk around, climb the stairs and go out on the balcony.      From my photos you will probably get a good feel about the exterior of the subdivision (only 12 units) and about the neighborhood. If you decide to walk to Jaycee Park, or to down town Tempe, it will be on a two-lane street with pavement, with lots of shade from the mature trees. It's not only a two-lane street but it has traffic calming islands, too - no fast-moving traffic here. Only the planes above.  This property is great for somebody who would like to own it now, and receive rental income immeadiately, starting from the close of escrow date, and maybe move in it in a couple of months.  And, yes, you guessed it right - the mountain in the distance is the famous Phoenix landmark - the Camelback Mountain. You can see it from your balcony, and when you walk the dog on S. Westfall street.  If you would like additional details or have questions, I will gladly answer - my phone is 480-966-9353.  Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

3/21/2020 1:31:31 PM

Re-blogging from Margaret Goss 's blog. Good news is always welcome! Covid-19 Not all Bad News! There’s a pretty smart guy out there who writes a tech/financial blog. He shared his blog online with his customers and I was able to see it. Peter Diamandis is the founder and executive of the XPRIZE Foundation, the author of two best-selling books, has degrees in molecular genetics and aerospace engineering from MIT, and holds an M.D. from Harvard Medical School. I wanted to state all that first because I would say he knows what he’s talking about. The title of his blog is “Good News About the Covid-19 Pandemic.” Some highlights: (1) Vaccine development: An experimental vaccine developed by Moderna Inc. began the first stage of a clinical trial on Monday, with testing on 45 healthy adults in Seattle. (2) China's new cases plummet: China has now closed down its last temporary hospital built to handle COVID-19. Not enough new cases to warrant them. (3) Drugs that work: Doctors in India have successfully treated two Italian patients with COVID-19, administering a combination of drugs — principally Lopinavir and Ritonavir, alongside Oseltamivir and Chloroquine. Several are now suggesting the same medical treatment, on a case-by-case basis, globally. (4) Antibodies to the rescue: Researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center claim to have found an antibody that can fend off infection by COVID-19. (5) 103-year-old recovery: A 103-year-old Chinese woman has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being treated for 6 days in Wuhan, China, becoming the oldest patient to beat the disease. (6) Stores re-opening: Apple has reopened all 42 of its Apple retail stores in China. [ (7) Test results in 2 hours: Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center has developed a COVID-19 test that can now deliver results in just two hours, rather than in a matter of days. (8) South Korea's dramatic drop in new cases: After its peak of 909 newly reported COVID-19 cases on February 29th, South Korea has now seen a dramatic drop in the number of new cases reported daily. (9) Mortality rates inflated? Experts predict that Italy has seen a higher mortality rate of COVID-19 given its significant aging population, as well as its higher percentage of COVID-19 patients with pre-existing health conditions. This might suggest that COVID-19’s fatality rate may have been slightly more inflated than previously thought for the general population. (10) Israeli vaccine development: More than 50 scientists in Israel are now working to develop a vaccine and antibody for COVID-19, having reported significant breakthroughs in understanding the biological mechanism and characteristics of the novel coronavirus. (11) Full recoveries: Three patients in Maryland who tested positive for COVID-19 have now been reported to have “fully recovered.” (12) Isolated virus: A network of Canadian scientists isolated the COVID-19 virus, which can now be replicated to test diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines. (13) Yet another vaccine in the works: San Diego biotech company Arcturus Therapeutics is developing a COVID-19 vaccine in collaboration with Duke University and National University of Singapore. (14) Treatment protocols: Seven patients who were treated for COVID-19 at Jaipur’s Sawai Man Singh (SFS) Hospital and Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital in India have recovered. The treatment protocol will be widely scaled to other hospitals. (15) Another treatment: Plasma from newly recovered COVID-19 patients (involving the harvesting of virus-fighting antibodies) holds promise for treating others infected by the virus. If you’d like to read the whole article including links he included, please see: “Good News About the Covid-19 Pandemic” There have started to be more confirmed cases in the North Shore, including a child at school in Winnetka. Stay safe and healthy - we have a ways to go but we’ll get through it together. Sign up to get monthly North Shore real estate news delivered to your inbox. It's free, we'll never sell your info, and you can opt-out at any time. Enter your email address at: North Shore Newsletter Margaret Goss is a full-time real estate broker since 1998 working in the North Shore communities of Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Glencoe, Northfield, Glenview, and Evanston. She can be reached at: Phone:  847-977-6024 Email: See her full BIOGRAPHY Margaret Goss - Winnetka and North Shore Real Estate BrokerSpecializing in homes for sale in Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Northfield, Glencoe, Glenview, Northbrook, and Evanston.Looking for a knowledgeable Illinois Realtor?  Google me! Chicago North Shore Communities Map:

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3/12/2020 9:46:23 AM

One of the rare experiences in the Phoenix Valley of the Sun is walking in the desert after a rain - all the plant and tree fragrances, the bird songs, the exquisite sitings, the feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. To me it feels like the desert equivalent of a forest walk.  View of the Camelback Mountain, Phoenix AZ Yesterday was a long rainy day and when the rain stopped in the evening, it brought us those views and the smell of the creosyte bush in the air. Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

2/26/2020 6:54:12 PM

This post is my participation in Richie Alan Naggar 's BOAST-A-POST challenge. He invites us to think of a memorable, inspiring or informative post that had remained with us for a long time. It's a hard task, as there are so many brilliant, exceptional posts by so many people who share experiences and knowledge on the ActiveRain Platform. The post that I chose is remarkable for me with the fact that I connect with it almost weekly, and have been doing so for the past three years. It is Lottie Kendall 's post in an ActiveRain challenge, hosted by Jeff Dowler, CRS several year ago.                 Work-Life Balance...How is it Possible?I read it at a time in my career when I was asking questions about my work-life balance. I had a business plan but it had not included enough of the balance things - I had not planned my time off, my vacations. And I was starting to feel that I need to have them. The photos in the post captured my imagination, as they were two of the destinations I would have liked ideally to include as my annual vacations - the seaside and the woodsy, snowy mountains. The blog post included also a tool, The Weekly Accountability Tracker, which prompted me to think about many aspects of my days during the week and could keep me on track.  I decided to give it a try  and see if I would get results and would be disciplined enough to keep it. I liked the questions from the tool, I asked them to myself, looked for the answers and acted. My productivity increased, and I was able to find time for a lot more than my work tasks and to take the vacations I had planned without reducing my financial goals. I actually did better. Last year for the first time I took 2 days time away from my home to re-think my business plan and how I do things. Another post of Lottie's Sharpening the Saw gave me an idea about it.For the purposes of this challenge, I revisited Lottie Kendall's posts and was surprised when I noticed that I had not commented - they were so clear in my mind, yet I had not left a comment. So, I am off to correct that now.        Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

1/3/2020 1:01:23 PM

Year after year I attend the Trends in Real Estate Event, organized by Arizona Association of Realtors®. Always thought-provoking, informative, entertaining, insightful. I usually take one insight and test how it worked in my business and what I can do to make it better.This year's Trends in Real Estate was held on December 5th, 2019 at the Phoenix Art Museum. Three excellent presentations took us from understanding how consumer preferences have changed, through working with i-Buyers when representing the Seller, and into insights of the new automation software that is entering the real estate transaction process.Nobu Hata, Director of Industry Outreach for the National Association of REALTORS®, talked about new-school techniques to service better our Buyers and Sellers, and mentioned that more changes have occurred in our industry for the last 1-2 years, than in the last 20 years combined. He asked: What are we promising on our websites to consumers? Is what we are doing off-line displayed prominently enough on our web-sites? Our authentic self, do we convey the message well - it still matters. Do we have the systems and processes to show 20 homes on a Saturday and Sunday to a relo client? Now that the median time to stay in a home is 10 years, how do we keep our repeat business?   How do we work with the two categories of people - connected and disconnected.Which platform our clients like better? Facebook or TikTok? Where do we have to be?Debbie Yost, often referred to as "The Systems Queen", made us think about a world where homes are controlled by a phone, contracts are written and read on a phone. She and Melissa Yost Fuentes shared their experience working with an i-Buyer, as a Seller's agent. The i-Buyers from the audience also participated. One important take-away for me from their presentation was to compile a list of local market examples and learn the cost of convenience.   Jeff Turner, the Resident Entrepreneur for Second Century Ventures, specializes in topics at the intersection of technology trends and human behavior and advises technology startups, navigating the complexities of the real estate market. He emphasized watching one trend - Automation! New technology companies are coming to the market, focusing on adding efficiency on activities from the transaction process.   When he was talking about the three tech innovations that will impact the automation of everything, it seemed like it was coming from science fiction books - even though I have been accustomed to seeing self-driving vehicles in Phoenix for the last couple of years.   One example - Parafin - a software company whose product can create millions of site-specific design configurations, complete with Budgets and Pro-formas.   The amount of research and information that Jeff Turner shared with us in those hour and a half that he talked, was amazing. He closed on an optimistic note. Pay attention to what's happening! Stay involved!  I just finished this blog and saw Endre Barath, Jr. 's challenge for this month - it seems my blog post may qualify for participation.    Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

12/31/2019 3:38:26 PM

My blog post "Snow on Superstition Mountains" was my most visited blog for the last 12 months.  Being grateful to my readers, I decided than an update of the views is due on the last day of the year. The photo above was taken from the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ. We can see on the last day of the year we got some snow, too. The distance between my viewing point and the mountain is about 45 miles (64 kilometers).  I also took a photo of the great view of Camelback Mountain (no snow there), with the clouds and the silver lining.  Since I came back from my trip, the clouds have moved and the sun is back in the sky.Best wishes for a Happy 2020 New Year!   Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

12/21/2019 9:11:52 AM

One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, " What are you doing?" The youth replied, " Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them back, they'll die."  "Son," the man said, " don't you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can't make a difference!" After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said..." I made a difference for that one. " We can all make a difference when we choose kindness, a hand up, a smile, a wink, a nod, and something as simple as holding a door open for someone. We can get out into our communities and help our neighbors. We can check on them and see if they need anything. We can volunteer in shelters, in schools, in nursing homes. Lake Arrowhead is always looking for help and volunteers in our community. We can foster children and pets. We don't have to spend a lot of money, our time is so valuable. While we cannot make a difference to everyone, even if we just make a difference to ONE. It only takes one, one who will then remember the kindness, pay it forward and pass it on. This Christmas season and all the year through, let us remember that kindness is what can bring someone through a storm you have no idea they are going through. Kindness can turn a really bad day into a good one. Kindness can save a persons life when they don't feel their worth or contribution to society and themselves. Kindness creates more kindness. Be the little boy. Have the heart and innocence of a young child when they truly believe, in their hearts, every single thing they do can and will make a difference - because it generally does! Visit My Website for all things Lake Arrowhead + More KATDELONG.COM Search Lake Arrowhead + Surrounding Area Homes For Sale SEARCH THE LAKE ARROWHEAD MLS Lake Arrowhead, Southern California's Mile High Resort in The San Bernardino Mountains

Kat DeLong Copyright © 2007 - 2018 DRE # 01235311 Follow Me On Social Media To Stay Up To Date Click on any icon below to go there now      Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

12/20/2019 2:18:36 PM

Last month the violet and green bursts of color surprised me, this month pf December I have been noticing more orange-yellow shades and hues than any other color. I see them on shrubs near our home, on citrus trees full of ripe oranges. I love those warm and smiling colors. The bees must think this is heaven - lots of them were happily pollinating the flowers.  Tempe, AZ  Southern Palms neighborhood Tempe, Mistwood Condominiums   Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

12/1/2019 9:44:57 AM

There are great advantages to owning a home, yet many people continue to rent. The financial benefits are just some of the reasons why homeownership has been a part of the long-standing American dream. reported that: “Buying remains the more attractive option in the long term – that remains the American dream, and it’s true in many markets where renting has become really the shortsighted option…as people get more savings in their pockets, buying becomes the better option.” Why is owning a home financially better than renting? Here are the top 5 financial benefits of homeownership:Homeownership is a form of forced savings. Homeownership provides tax savings. Homeownership allows you to lock in your monthly housing cost. Buying a home is less expensive than renting. No other investment lets you live inside of it.Studies have also shown that a homeowner’s net worth is 44x greater than that of a renter. A family that purchased a median-priced home at the start of 2019 would build more than$37,750 in family wealth over the next five years with projected price appreciation alone. Some argue that renting eliminates the cost of taxes and home repairs, but every potential renter must realize that all the expenses the landlord incurs are already baked into the rent payment – along with a profit margin! Bottom Line Owning a home has many social and financial benefits that cannot be achieved by renting. Reach out to a Real Estate Professional: Abby Stiller to determine if buying a home is your best move. info provided by KCM Abby Stiller Realtor® Lic. #3154233 12 Years of Experience RE/MAX Realty Group           I help Home buyers find their dream home & Homeowners sell for more. Thinking of buying or selling? Call/Text me: 239-284-8637   Your Honest & Dedicated Realtor! or visit: Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

11/25/2019 6:02:54 PM

I hadn't seen hail in Tempe AZ since maybe 2011.When the hail started pounding on our roof,  I grabbed the camera to snap a photo of the rare phenomenon. A lot of other people were doing the same and posting on NextDoor - a whole street covered in little white spheres. They were melting quickly, as you can expect.  Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

11/11/2019 5:24:48 PM

11500 E Cochise Drive, Scottsdale AZ 85281 I enjoyed doing another one-and-a-half-hour open house - it produced the same results as a three-hour open house. I think I am officially becoming a fan of shorter times for open houses. I had advertised extensively some of the key features of the home - mountain views, quality construction and resort-like community.   I was quite impressed that visitors have travelled from quite far to check out the views, and were familiar with the builder and looking for their communities. I usually try to show the views in the pictures, but seeing the views in person is quite a different feeling. We will be changing the status today. I will enjoy showing any other homes in the community that are for sale - please call me at 480-966-9353. Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

11/8/2019 9:37:06 AM

This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in Mirage Crossing subdivision in Scottsdale AZ 85259 is on the market at the attractive price of $325,000.Mirage Crossing is  a gated community, located several miles East of Loop 101, just off Shae Blvd and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. It has an attractive Community Club, a gym, swimming pool, barbeque areas and fire pit places. The location of this unit within the community is outstanding  - close to all the amenities, the green belt and with beautiful views of the mountains from the balcony, from the living room and master bedroom.   Another wonderful feature is that it is very clean, lightly lived in over the years and ready to move in, as it is now. It was built in 2001, and if a new owner prefers to update it, they can do that at their own pace. The same floor plan with 2019 updates was sold for $367,000 a few months ago. The condo has 3 bedrooms, and one of them can be used as an office or den, it has pretty French doors. the living room has a gas fire-place, so no worries about "No Burn" days.    Community Club is very close to the condo, and so is the gym. It's a lovely area to relax, or get energized, or just enjoy the beauty of Nature. If you would like to see this or any other home for sale in the community, please contact me at 480-966-9353. Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

11/3/2019 8:01:29 PM

Joe Cornella, a talented cellist, created an amazing musical event this Friday, November 1, 2019. He, as a soloist, and his friends performed classical favorites at the Organ Hall at the Music Department of Arizona State University. He inspired such a festive and happy atmosphere for everybody – for the performers, and for the audience. The concert was named “Joe Cornella and friends” and that’s exactly how it felt – everybody on stage or in the audience was a friend of Joe Cornella’s.As I was walking towards the Music Department, a young lady asked me where Organ Hall was, so I had company looking for it and finding it. We started talking and it turned out that she was invited by Joe, they were co-workers, and it was her first visit here, too.While we were waiting for the doors to open, we were greeted by Joe’s Dad, met the family of another musician – we kind of guessed he will be performing from the excitement that was around him. When we sat in the hall, we realized that it was named after the instrument that was occupying the central part of the stage – a majestic organ. We sat on the third row to be able to see the musicians well. The family sitting next to us told us that they had seen Joe perform since a very young age. One of their kids, just as a real fan does, moved to the very first row, closest to the stage. The boy’s Dad said that he played piano himself, and each of his children had started playing piano at age 4.The concert started with the warm and welcoming words by Joe, introducing the program and how he and friends put it together. Then he opened the concert with Monti’s Czardas, performed beautifully by him on cello, with piano accompaniment. And later we heard more czardas, of course, Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen. There was dance and singing, acrobatic steps on the stage, especially when the vocalist decided to take the cello away from Joe for a dance. We also heard an organ and cello concerto. Joe was the soloist, introduced the music and the musicians, and managed to do all this with ease and humor. The concert closed with Joe’s favorite piece by Dvorzak, with a violin and piano accompaniment.Of course, there was encore. Cornella, who is a biology student at ASU, shared that he started playing cello at the age of 4, and has kept it throughout the years. His Mom, always encouraging him. At the encore, she jumped on the stage and accompanied him on the piano. Joe thanked his parents for their help with the concert and his friends who have supported him.This is the second concert of its kind that he had organized.I hope that he makes it a tradition and we can see more Joe Cornella and Friends concerts in the near future – classical music with a modern twist. Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

10/31/2019 12:10:16 PM

Down town Tempe is changing rapidly -  the number of cranes in the air is increasing, and new buildings are taller and taller. I noticed that if I am parking South of University Drive, I actually reach my destination faster, because I search for parking for a shorter time. Plus, I enjoy my walk, too. Yesterday I felt nostalgic when I passed by these old-time friends of mine - the bronze jackrabbit statues by the water fountain. I first met them in the early nineties, and they have been here for a long time.     Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

10/27/2019 1:25:37 PM

What  a great turn-out we had at the open house in 307 W Santa Cruz Dr. Tempe AZ yesterday.I was a little hesitant about the hours of 10am-12 noon on a Saturday, but trying them encouraged me to plan for more open houses on a Saturday morning.The home is a move-in ready, lovely 3-bedroom, 2-bath rancher with a sparkling pebble tec pool and spa, pretty desert-landscaped front and back yard and a carport for two cars plus extra parking for a boat, RV, or a third vehicle. Price is $310,000. 307 W Santa Cruz Dr. Tempe AZ 85282 - front of the home 307 W Santa Cruz Dr. Tempe AZ 85282 - back yard of the home It was a pleasure to speak with the neighbors who stopped by - some of them were renting, and enjoyed learning about the lender product for 100% financing; other neighbors had lived in the neighborhood since the 90-ies - they had a fascinating story about how the neighborhood has changed and what had not changed over the years. I also learned and saw photos about how a neighbor had transformed his home of the same floor plan - they wanted to have a bigger master bathroom and had taken some of the plentiful living-room space to add to a spa-like, spacious master bathroom. Now, that they showed me the photos on their phone, I was thinking, yes, that's how it can be done - the living room space was right behind the master bathroom and master bedroom closet space, and it was a fairly easy project to move a wall and increase the space for the master bathroom.   307 W Santa Cruz Dr. Tempe AZ 85282 - master bathroom & hallway bathroom  I hear at presentations and from statisticians that about every day 200 people move to the Phoenix metro area  - it was also great to hear it from a person who works in the staffing industry how busy they are. We both agreed that if somebody was paying more than $1,500 per month for rent, maybe it was time for them to get pre-qualified for a loan with a lender. The open house visitors brought so much good energy to the open house on this warm, sunny October morning; now I am excited, too, and starting to consider doing in the future more 2-hour open houses on Saturday mornings.If you would like to view this home, I am only a phone call away - 480-966-9353.    Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

10/6/2019 6:30:58 PM

I grew up in a moderate climate area with autumns that had so beautiful nuances from green, yellow to dark orange and red. I could not take my eyes from the window when we were traveling on a highway and the hills were rolling in this yellow-orange-red sea. Now we live in the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix, AZ and the fall colors are very vibrant, but most of them seem to be purple, lavender, violet. On my drive today from North to South Phoenix, it seemed every place had at least one of those plants happily in bloom. I was quite fascinated and could not resist taking a few photos.  Langman's sageLangman's sage bush                                         Violet Silverleaf  Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

10/5/2019 1:19:14 PM

Sometimes looking for certain floor plans and features in homes can best be searched by the year they were built. Festiva Tempe Subdivision was built in 1995, by builder D.R. Horton. It is located in Tempe, zip code 85283, close to Kyrene Rd and Elliot Rd. The size of homes ranges between 1,245 sq.ft. to 1,800 sq.ft. Most of the lots are just under 5,000 sq.ft, and only  a few corner homes on Stephens Dr. and Dava Dr. have lots around 8,000 sq.ft.The homes in the subdivision have five different floorplans:Floor plan 1 (Verde) - 1,245 sq.ft. - 22 homes of this floor planFloor Plan 2 (Cimmarron) - 1360 sq.ft. - only 6 homes of this floor planFloor Plan 3 (Pecos) - 1524 sq.ft. - most popular, 32 homes of this floor planFloor Plan 4 (Cumberland) - 1,614 sq.ft. - 17 homes of this floor planFloor Plan 5 (Summit) - 1,800 sq.ft. - 26 homes of this floor planThe Home-owners Association dues are $50 per month and cover the common area maintenance. The community has a solid Ramada and a green belt - great for picnics, daily dog walks, or staying out and enjoying the sunset. The front yards have mature trees and pretty desert landscaping.The community is close to the South Highline Lateral Canal Trail.   Ramada in Common area - Festiva Tempe SubdivisionStreet View - Festiva TempeReal estate sales for the year of 2019 were all above the $300,000 mark, ranging between $ 300,000 and $323,500. For the previous 3-4 years, between 2014 and 2018,  prices ranged between the low and high $200,000 ($225,000 to $288,000). Festiva Subdivision is close to I-10 and Highway 60, to many warehouse type stores like Costco, Floor and Decor, IKEA and many more. Almost everything in Tempe is within a 20-minute drive, so if you , for example, like to be in the urban down town, it's only a short drive, if you like sports activities, Kiwani's Park is within 5 minutes drive. Both Phoenix SkyHarbor Airport and Arizona State University are about 15 minutes drive.  If you would like to see homes currently for sale, please reach out to me at my direct land line: 480-966-9353. I will be happy to share with you floor plans, and more detailed insights into the current market dynamics.   Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

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The home in 307 W Santa Cruz Dr., Tempe AZ 85282 is for sale now. It's on the corner of Kyrene Rd. and Santa Cruz Drive. It is an updated home with a sparkling pool. It has a car port for two cars and extra space to park additional vehicles, a boat or an RV. It's an older subdision, with no HOA, which means no monthly dues, and usually less restrictions. The homes are quite well maintained nearby, with pretty front yards with artistic touches. Nearby homes vary in price, lot and home size - see all homes currently for sale in this subdivision of Dwight Park neighborhoods, please click on the link. My walk yesterday started from Dwight park, along Manhatton Street past 307 W Santa Cruz Dr. and finished at Kiwani's Park. Dwight park is a small City of Tempe neighborhood park, with a nice green open area which is often used for soccer games, with a basketball court, children's playgrounds which were updated in 2017. there are also several grill areas and just enough trees and walkways to make it a pleasant place to spend a quiet afternoon, or evening. Occasionally, on week-ends neighbors can hear a violinist or a flute player practicing.  Dwight Park, Tempe - View to Playgrounds                  Dwight Park, Tempe - View to Soccer Field   When I reached Kiwani's park, I've had a pleasant walk, but my photos will not be showing daylight. At this time of year, at 6:30pm is already dark in Tempe. Kiwani's park is 125 acres with a 12-acre lake for fishing, paddling, kayaking. There are playgrounds, a batting range, tennis courts, indoor recreation center with an Olympic size lap pool. It was quite lively and full of activities every direction I looked.    Kiwani's Park - 12-acre Lake                                         Kiwani's Park - Sport's Fields  The home in 307 W Santa Cruz Dr. is located between both parks, almost equal distance. It is also close and within walking distance to a shopping plaza, anchored by a Fry's Grocery Store. There are several restaurants, a UPS store, a hairstyling salon, too.  If you would like to see the updated home in 307 W Santa Cruz Dr. Tempe AZ, please visit my website at, or to schedule a private viewing, please call me at 480-966-9353.  Please notice the table in the back yard - it will not fall down easily, as you may have guessed, it is deeply rooted, and has been there for many years.    307 W Santa Cruz Dr. Tempe AZ 85282 Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

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Taliesin West is architect Frank Lloyd Wright's winter residence, one of my favourite Phoenix landmarks. I often buy an annual membership and love to revisit several times thoughout the year - the docent's stories are always different, yet equally entertaining, informative, and memorable, delivered with an elegant sense of humor.  With each visit I discover different aspects of the talent and influence of the architect in the Phoenix area.  My last visit to Taliesin was prompted by a sudden change in my schedule, and I was so happy and grateful that there was a spot on the tour. Our docent was a lady who had seen in 1964 the construction of Gammage Hall , Arizona State University's Performing Arts Center. She also knew one of the students/apprentices, Heloise Crista, a sculptor, whose work can be seen on the Taliesin West campus. Heloise Crista lived on the Taliesin West campus and passed away last year at age 92. Two of her bronze sculptures below: The route of the tour was through the architect's work studio/office, the front of the school building with expansive views of the whole Phoenix area, though the breezeway, the living room, the bedrooms, the Kiva, the dining area, the Drafting Studio, the Music Pavilion and the Cabaret. The views from the living room are amazing; on the photos below, if you squint your eyes, you may see the Black Mountain and the Superstitions mountains, about 72 miles away.   The docent demonstrated the incredible accoustics in the cabaret. People sitting on the last row can hear equally well as the ones in the first row - why, there are no parallel walls in the cabaret building.The Drafting studio had no students in it now, as the they are in Taliesin Wisconsin until early October. Then they come back to Taliesin West in Scottsdale, AZ for their winter semester, and stay till end of April. Frank Lloyd Wright liked to collect cars, he had 92 of them and they helped transport faculty, staff and apprentices in a caravan-like manner back and forth between Taliesin Wisconsin and Taliesin West.  The Master's Degree program in Architecture has an enrollment of about 30 students. The 8-week Immersive Program is geared towards college-level students and adults of all ages. I glanced quickly into the syllabus of the Spring Immersion Program, which was themed "Escape in a World of Connectivity", inviting participants to search for answers to questions like: 'what is escape in a world full of connectivity', 'is it possible to be 'lost' when everything is tracked', 'what is the aesthetic value of the contemporary, colonized desert'.The Insights tour takes about 1.5 hours, and is a memorable experience.   Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

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One or two year's ago I resumed my participation in the Broker Tours in the cities where I have listings, and I have been very pleased ever since from each tour. It's an great way to stay updated on inventory in our service areas and to get a better feel of neighborhoods.Today's Broker Tour was very efficient and quick - we all boarded the special tour bus and we were able to talk and hear news from a mortgage lender, a title company and from other realtors in the time between the actual tours of the homes.   Below are a few photos of the homes we visited in Tempe AZ - they are quick snaps of features that I thought were interesting - I would encourage you to click on the photos and the links and see the actual professional photos from the MLS, as published by the listing agents.  This is a custom 4-bedroom home in the Lakes subdivision in Central Tempe.  At the home entrance a friendly pebble stone painting is waving welcome, and from then on, it is a lot of 'wow's, elegance and views.    Another home from the tour was a Bradley home, known for excellent quality block construction, and it featured a split floor plan and 5-bedrooms.   The home, selected as best home on tour for presentation and value, receives a sign rider, which can be displayed on the home sign in front of the listing. Please click on the photos below to see more of the home, voted Best on Tour:   I love digital marketing, and print marketing, yet in my marketing mix I am including more  in-person events - doing open houses, and attending broker tours.   Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

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This attractive home for rent is in a fourplex in Central Tempe. Upstairs there are two bedrooms and one full bath, and downstairs are the kitchen, dining/living area and half a bathroom, total size is approximately 900 square feet. The kitchen is updated with recently installed appliances and cabinets.  The living room is spacious - you can easily fit your boat, your bike and still have space for an easy-chair or a couch.  The home is quiet - block construction, nobody above or below,  plus this is an end unit with only one shared wall. This unit has a lovely Romeo&Juliet balcony, overlooking the trees and grassy areas and city light in the evening.  Well maintained complex with lots of green lawns and trees around. It is close to shopping, restaurants, entertainment, ASU, highways, on the route of the free ORBIT bus. The home is available October 3, 2019. Please call me at 490-966-9353 to schedule a private viewing, or send me an email. Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

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As I was coming out of our AZCREW lunch meeting yesterday, where the inspirational speaker Carla Harris had invited us to think about ourselves in terms of three adjectives which people will use to describe us when we were not in the room, I noticed those numbers. I looked at the building entrance - here are the four characters that identied the building perfectly  - at eye level, with bright contrasting colors, available immediately when I looked for them. Our meeting room had been moved to a different building, and all I wanted to know is where that building was amongst the several structures around. Do you think it was easy to find? It took me 3 seconds and I didn't have time even to be irritated about the change.  That's what she was asking us to write about ourselves.   Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

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This updated home in Tempe AZ has just been put on the market for $324,500.307 W Santa Cruz Dr., Tempe AZ 85282The home is located in central Tempe, in Dwight Park Neighborhoods, with an easy and convenient access to shopping, parks, down town entertainment and employment, to Arizona State University.The home is primarily block construction, 1,538 square feet, and has 3-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms, and a very open and spacious floor plan. It is very quiet, well-insulated,  with the dual pane windows. The home has a brand new roog, installed in the summer of 2019, brand new flooring in the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and in both bathrooms. The RV parking is right next to the 2-vehicle carport. The sparkling pebbletec pool and spa are the focus of the relaxing back yard. It is great for entertaining - with its beautiful, mature desert landscaping, which is easy to maintain, too, and the 7-foot block walls make it quite private.  If you would like to view this or other homes in the neighborhood, please reach out to me - I am a phone call away at 480-966-9353.   Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

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It's Time To Move Your Contract Period to 45 Days PSA for real estate agents across the country - 45 days is officially your new 30 days.  Think it's a benefit to go 30 days?  Well, with the yield curve on treasuries officially inverting today, we're officially in a refinance boom.  What does that mean?  Longer turn times for lenders - literally every lender in the country is experiencing an influx of refinance volume - at levels I've NEVER seen before. The last time rates were this low, consumers had nowhere near the levels of home equity they currently do.  Last time they had home equity in the amounts they currently have, rates were closer to 6%.  We currently have the perfect storm of huge rate drops (down from the 5's last November to the 3's today) immediately following a 24 month period of extreme home appreciation.  For home owners, this means the time is now to refinance  -either for rate/term refinances or cash out refinances (rarely is the market primed for both to offer such huge benefits). For real estate agents, this means you're setting yourself (and more importantly, your clients) up for failure if you're still pushing 30 day (or if you're feeling muy loco, 21 day) escrow periods. Lenders might still be telling you they can get stuff done in 30 days.  And the reality is, they probably can (I can still, as of today, close a loan in 3 weeks) - but the margin for error we used to have is gone.  Our operations teams (by our, I mean our entire industry's) are maxed out - applications are up, pipelines are bulging, and turn times are being effected. If your option is to push for escrow periods of 30 days and almost guarantee a stressful closing for just about every party involved, or to set your escrow period at 45 days and ensure everyone is happy, all deadlines are met, and expectations are exceeded, WHY would you choose the former?  Don't do it. The verbiage everyone should be using is "45 days or sooner, if all parties agree", in any and all contracts where that's possible - and the biggest responsibility is for listing agents to properly explain this to their sellers.  Buyers agents are still feeling the pressure of "our offer won't get accepted with more than 30 days" in many hot markets with tight inventory, so they're still going to push for 30 or 21 day escrows.  Lenders, feeling the pinch and afraid of losing the business, will agree to this - and then everyone will be pissed off come closing time because deadlines are being missed or things are happening but at the very last minute. Listing agents need to be the ones to set the escrow period longer, and communicate why to their sellers - set the expectations low, and exceed them, rather than trying to force something to happen that is in reality setting yourself up for failure. The average time someone spends in their home is 9 years, or 468 weeks.  Delaying entry by less than 2 weeks is not going to make or break most people or most transactions, and if you enjoy your reputation and prefer less stress over constant panic, my very strong recommendation is to begin using 45 days as your new benchmark for the home sale transaction. Want to work with a lender that's keeping on top of market conditions and exceeding expectations?  Give us a call at 484-680-4852 or bring your questions to an expert for immediate answers!John Meussner NMLS# 138061Visit My Website!   Steffy Hristova, MBA, SFR, CNE, Realtor® HomeSmart Elite GroupTel:  (480) 966-9353 10601  N. Hayden Rd. I-100Scottsdale AZ 85260 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin